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This is a page of my favorite links. I shall keep updating these links when I find more sites that are worth my time. If any of my links turn up to be dead, just send me an email and it shall be fixed as soon as possible. Enjoy the links and thanks for visiting my site.


This is a huge site of many great furry artists.
Good hacking magazine.
Great MP3 site
Lion King
This site is a very large Lion King site. It has many different forms of multimedia( movie clips, images, text, and so on).
Great site of freeware.
More great freeware
Foxes Underground Revolution
This is the homepage in which the muck I roleplay is located at. It is TapestriesMuck.

Links to friends of mine

Ebon Fox's webpage: This is my mate's webpage. He's the best mate in the universe.

Here's the links to other parts of my page.

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